Corporate Fishing Trips

Set your group, business or organization apart and choose Beyond The Catch for your next corporate fishing event!

What’s a better place to build relationships than in the outdoors? Whether you want to recognize top performers, revitalize your sales force or motivate your supply chain and distribution partners, we can create the perfect fishing adventure your team will respond too. There’s nothing more relaxing than a day on the water and it’s easy to move past the formalities often apparent in the office. When doing business, getting business done, this is now the newest trend corporate fishing charters. It relieves the stresses of everyday life and business, and get the deal signed. Business partners are able to step back and get to know one another in a manner that simply cannot be accomplished in another setting. The confines of a boardroom, hotel meeting room or conference center, just don’t cut it any longer. Fishing is a natural bonding outdoor experience. And it’s good for your businesses bottomline!

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